People will say and do things that will annoy you and get under your skin. I just allowed a situation to bother me and get under my skin, I allowed it to mess with my joy. I had to pause, and pray. I wasn’t mu normal silly happy go lucky self. As much as I want to go off and curse, I know it won’t solve the problem it won’t change what has already occurred. After conversing with my sisters and realized I wasn’t alone in my feelings I felt better. I can now give a positive clap back and let it go, besides its Friday Summer time Chi, Im trying to enjoy myself and I don’t need negative distractions. Just remember “Every clap back doesn’t have to be negative”. Respond it Peace so you can keep your peace. 


Take Action T-Shirts 

Normally Today I would post my favorite style or my personal but today I wanted to put action in my style , put Jesus in today’s style post. Due to what’s going on in our country right now we need to put Jesus at the center of it all.

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Here are a few of my favorites, they apply to what’s going on right now.


It’s your Choice 

How are you striving to make your Monday great, not just your day but your week, month, year, your life as a whole? Everything we do and say has a great affect on our daily life. All the decisions you make determines how things will turnout for you in every area of life. It’s important to make quality decisions so that you will have quality life everyday. I learned a long time ago that what you speak into your life happens, you must speak what you want. I know what your thinking if I just speak a couple million dollars in my pocket will it be there,No it won’t just magically appear. Although speaking that you will be a millionaire can and will happen as long as you are working towards that goal. But let’s take this down to a daily goal. If your Monday goal is to be happy and get through the day wessith peace and no issues, then guess what no matter what crosses your path it will happen. Yet your actions and attitude determine how well your day will go. Somethings can come across your path at work, it could be a crazy driver in traffic but your response will determine if your day will be happy and peaceful.

So think before you speak or react to the things around you today, I’m sure you will see a difference in how well your day goes. If others want to be miserable let them, it doesn’t mean you have to be.

Motivate Yourself

Make you’re your Monday Great !!!