I’m here to encourage the average young lady to be an extraordinary young


I’ve spent my whole life searching for my purpose in life. But don’t we all seek for what we are destined to do? Absolutely! This life is a journey and we have many destinations along our path. I’m here to encourage the average young lady to be an extraordinary lady. No matter your circumstances and situations you can achieve anything you want in life.

I absolutely believe that we all have a great purpose and can be happy pursuing that purpose. It is a process getting there but just know getting there is not the end , it’s the beginning. I’m an encourager and a motivator, I’ve been doing it all my life but didn’t realize that was my purpose until just a few years ago. I spent so much time searching for something wrapped up all pretty to be my purpose but it was right in front of me the whole time.

I’ve spent many years in and out of careers searching for my purpose. I went from desiring to be a lawyer to attaining a B.A. in Rehab Services, to taking up Massage therapy as a trade then completing my M.A. in Education. As you can see I always knew I was passionate about helping people but helping others can be done through so many venues. It was all about discovering the specific way I wanted to help others, which group of people I wanted to help and then actually helping them.

Honestly in my volunteer work, I have been encouraging and empowering others for many years just never considered making it a career until others told me how effective I am. I was showed how much I have impacted young ladies and girls that I volunteer with, it shocked me. Being helpful is great but when you are making a difference in others lives, its beyond great.

I am a motivater, mentor, educate and empower girls, ladies and women on a daily basis to be the best them they can be. I strive to let females know they are capable of doing any and everything they put their mind to doing. I push them to motivate themselves. I enlighten them by pushing them to get educated on the things that they desire to do in life. I help them discover their purpose and push them to walk in their calling. The same way I motivate my sisters, friends, cousins etc. is the same way I motivate you the next woman. We all have a place in this world and a purpose to fulfill and I want to help you get there.

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