Take time to look a little Deeper.

Sometimes I chime in to certain topics that are popular in social media and sometimes I keep it to myself. I keep seeing post and comments on this particular topic so I decided to share my two scents. 

Some of you maybe familiar with Pastor John Gray he became popular to many preaching under Joel Olsteen in Houston, Texas but recently he was blessed to pastor a church called Relentless in South Carolina. I have been following him and love his style of preaching he is very relateable. I said all of that so you will understand why I am defense of Pastor Gray.  My own Pastor always teaches us to cover the men and woman of God. We are our brothers and sisters keeper. I also believe in supporting things that are important.

There is a video that has be circulating on social media. It’s a clip of an interview Pastor John Gray did, on a morning talk show where he speaks about his wife being a covering. He goes on to say how she endured so much pain birthing him as a man that if far exceeded the pain of the birth of their children. Many people as upset and disgusted with Pastor Gray. It’s amazing what people received from his statement, and it’s opposite to what I received. I realized that it’s like anything else in life we hear and see what we want from what is presented in front of us instead of listening for what the purpose is of someones presentation whether it be visual or verbal.

I also thought beyond that clip of his statement, I knew the power in his statement. My understanding was not that his wife raised a man but she covered him when he was weak, just like I’m sure he has done for her and they continue to do for one another. I also gained wisdom from what he said that it’s our job as spouses to cover one another when they are going through tough times. It really bothered me how many people went straight for the negative with this statement. Many people saw it as him talking about how his wife raised him and they assumed he was bragging about it, in a sense. Some people talked about how it may, encourage women to accept men in bad situations and think it’s okay to raise a man also encouraging men to succumb to taking advantage of women who will coddle them. 

People also failed to realize this was only a portion of the interview and they didn’t listen to what was said prior to the statement and what was said after the statement. You shouldn’t formulate a whole opinion on one statement listen to the interview in it’s entirety. 

I encourage you all to go and view the entire interview and gain a deeper understanding on the topic. Below is the link to view the entire interview.

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