It’s Time (Journal entry 9618 )

When will you finally let go of that ball of fear that is sitting in the bottom of your stomach. You’ve been thinking and dreaming about this since the age of 13 when you realized it was possible. You saw someone who looked like you doing it and knew it was possible for you to have in the future. You just had to keep working at that talent.

When you got to high school at least your freshman year you didn’t think about it. Although during sophomore year when you moved away you tried out for several teams and made it on the last one you tried out for. Then things happened and that opportunity was gone.You moved back home considered doing the same thing again but because you friend bailed out on you, you feared doing it alone so you didn’t try out.  So high school went by and you didn’t exercise that talent.

You’re 18 now and you find another opportunity to exercise this talent on another platform and no tryout is necessary. Not only do you have the chance to use this talent but you also get to teach it part of that dream and you continue to do this for the next 19 years but you never pursued it as a career.  This dream has always been in the back of your mind but you never tried to make it come true.

Now has got to be the time, I have to pursue it everyone keeps asking me when am I going to open this business even those who barely know me. Therefore that ball of fear in the pit of my stomach I have to release and turn it into strength and courage to move forward. God has never let me down and I believe that because I have continued to use it He will multiply the ways in which I can utilize this talent.  I desire to open a business but I don’t have the funds to get it started. God doesn’t give you an idea without the tools to bring it to life.