Goals for Life, Not Just a New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! And Thank You !!!


Thank you to all my followers, thank you for being faithful throughout the end of the year while on my holiday break. I appreciate those who have continued to follow and those who are new to my blog.

Every year many people set out to accomplish a new list of goals and many times haven’t completed or even tried to complete goals from the previous year. I use the good ole roll over method. If I haven’t finished or accomplished a goal from the previous year then this new year is all the more reason for me to strive to fulfill my goals. I’m not saying you can’t set to attain new goals , just don’t neglect the ones you haven’t accomplished.

Many things that I have been doing the past few years I didn’t do, no vision board party, no journal writing or specific planning specifically for the year. I just reviewed unaccomplished goals from last year and made the decision to continue striving to complete those goals. If you already have a list of plans and goals for the new year great but don’t forget that in order to complete the new goals finishing the previous goals are required in order to accomplish the new goals .

Lets go for it, work towards completing goals for life not just a new year.