Journal Entry #24 

So many people have been talking about cuffing season and dreading the holidays because they are single. Many singles don’t look forward to those long stares and conversations about why aren’t you married yet, with their relatives. Being a single woman in my 30’s it can be difficult at times waiting to meet the right mate. Also because I am a Christian and stand very strong in my morals and values and don’t bend on my standards it can be even more challenging. Many say I am picky some say I need to compromise more, and everybody has advice for what I can do better. Some advice I value, others I push out the other ear mainly because they don’t have a successful relationship to give me advice.

Let me just say this I don’t want to be cuffed, that is temporary,not looking to be in a temporary relationship. I don’t dread the holidays I’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding the questions or just ignoring them. I refuse to keep defending myself. Yes I have my bad days in this season of waiting, but I’m okay with waiting for the man God has for me. I have heard it all,read it all,gone to single’s events the whole 9 yards. Although I can not deal with this new thing that is being presented, single classes wife prep classes, absolutely not. I really feel like people are capitalizing on the lonely single’s, just my opinion. I understand that there are vast markets for different types of businesses but I just don’t agree with the way they are doing this.


With all that said I just want to remind single women and men you are not alone we all are in the same boat. We are all waiting patiently, sometimes impatiently waiting on God to put us in the place of meeting the right person for us. Yes I know you get tired of people telling you to just wait and trust in God, and many times you’d rather not hear it. I get it, many people will tell you date yourself,and occupy your time, or even focus on a new hobby etc etc. No one wants to keep hearing all this unsolicited advice. I’d rather people just pray for me and let me live on God’s terms.

Just free expression