How Did you learn work etiquette ???


I can recall in high school and in college the classes, as well as counselors instructing me on how to conduct myself at work. How to use certain etiquette, decorum and the respect that should be shown at work no matter who I work with. I would like to pose a few questions to my readers ;
Where did your first work training come from?

Do you understand proper work etiquette??

Have you ever worked with your family or close friend?

If you have worked with family or friends how did it go?

If you haven’t worked with family or close friend would you consider it?

I know many get on the job training, do volunteer work and that is their first dose of on the job training for work others learn early. Parents, teachers, guardians etc. teach your children early how to conduct themselves at work. Many of them are having a hard time at work learning these things the hard way. If they don’t learn it will be a hard road for them and they will struggle at every job.

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Please and Thank You !!!