Rewarding Work!!!

Lately I have been working very hard. I prayed and prayed for a more career centered job. April 1st I was blessed to do what I love, work with youth and young adults while making a difference in the city I live. Although I love what I do it can be very tiring and draining but I dare not complain, because I learned to never complain about what I prayed for. I always think about the saying “Be careful what you pray for you just may get it”. I got it and I will not complain.
For all my faithful readers I appreciate you rocking with me. I won’t leave you hanging. God gave me the gift of writing and I refuse to bury my gift. I write poetry and spoken word, my blog is another area of writing for me. Pray for me a book is in the works, and is coming soon. 

With my job and my passion/ gift of writing I get the opportunity to touch many lives and I don’t take it for granted.

I love it all and I find all my work very rewarding.