Message Monday 

Some days I have a great plan for my blog post and sometimes God throws my plan right out the window. I also know that my plan is not His plan and His plan is greater than mine. Now that’s a topic for another blog. So the topic God gave me is what most of us saw last night on the BET Awards , the acceptance speech by Humanitarian Jesse Williams. 

He gave us all so much to think about, what we need to act on what to prepare ourselves for if we don’t do what’s necessary. We talk a good game and applaud those that do but we don’t put our words into action. One question I would like to pose is;

                                      What are you going to do to make a change/ difference?
Jesse motivated us stir us up now what are we going to do. He is already out there making a change. We can’t just ride his coat tail we must figure out where we can start and do something. It starts with you right there in your community,creating groups and providing positive programs for the children and youth. You can educate the youth about the things they don’t learn in school. It’s so much one person can do, but they can’t do it all but they can motivate a few.