Knowledge to Wisdom!!!

Everyday you should be able to close the day with a lesson learned, not specifically from a bad situation, but have a take away from the day. I mean think about it when you were in school you were constantly learning things to apply to life. Just because you are not currently enrolled in school doesn’t mean the learning stops. Today you may learn something new about a friend coworker family member or even your spouse.

Those of us who a attend church we go with the anticipation of learning something gaining knowledge to apply to our lives. We gain enough information then we go home and read the bible and get understanding for self.

This is life, constantly gaining knowledge to apply to daily living. If you really pay attention today you will realize you have learned so much in a day. Don’t be so closed that you , miss something that may help you to become a better you. I pray you end the day with lessons learned more knowledge of the people and places around you and something new that will change your life.

Gaining knowledge is great using it accordingly is Wisdom!!!