Be the Change ……

Today I had great topic to share with you all but I think I will share it on Wednesday, today with the recent mass shooting in Orlando, Florida’s Pulse night club, I want to share some words of empowerment and encouragement. It has been so much negativity being spewed out by news anchors, politicians, and of course the day to day person on social media. I am even more disappointed in many religious leaders. So many Christians want to validate the murdering of 50 homosexuals but that’ll simply disgusting to me that any human being would same something , even think something like that. The disrespect for the lives of other human beings is just horrible. I don’t know what bible they are reading nor what God they serve but neither one validates such a hateful manner.

I am even more disturbed by people arguing over if this is the most deadly massacre in the U.S.

Let me say this, whether it is or not losing the life of 5 people or 500 people is hurtful. Don’t waste time on such simple rhetoric. Instead of finding something stupid to hide behind let’s come together to figure out how to solve the issues we deal with on a daily basis.

It’s all about the well being of our human race. Whether you agree or disagree with the lifestyle someone lives you should still care about their well being. God created us all to be different but He also desires for us to love one another and serve one another. So instead of running your mouth put your feet to the pavement and make a difference somewhere in your city, community in this world.

I charge you all to;


Have a Blessed Day All and take value in the people around you.