Girls, Ladies , and Women 

This blog is for the girls, ladies , and women, but men you can relate too. I want you all to get in the mirror with no make up when the weave is out, no beauty enhancements just 100% naturally you and tell yourself how much you love you. You have to like you and you have to love you. Trust me there is no greater feeling than embracing who you are and being comfortable in your own skin. We spend so much time trying to get others to like and love us, be our friends, boyfriends, man and husband. Yet we don’t take the time to like, love and embrace ourselves. How can anyone else appreciate you if you don’t appreciate yourself.  

Personally I remember when I was in junior high I was more confident in who I was then, than when I was in high school and college. I spent my high school years being the cool person just cool with everybody I walked away with a few long life friendships. My college life I didn’t know who I was I found myself comparing myself to others lying about who I was just to get people to like me, although I came across a few who saw me for who I really am and I’m still cool with them to this day. It took me a few years after college to get to know me and love me and embrace me and accept me for who God created me to be. I got real with me I got in the mirror and had a hard conversation with myself. Now I myself flaws and all and anyone who comes along and don’t like me that’s their lost.

I want you all to walk away from this blog thinking about the things that are great about you. The things that make you a great friend, girlfriend or wife,a great mother and sister. If you have to grab some post its and put them on your mirror to remind yourself who you are what is great about you, then do just that. So that everyday when you look in that mirror there are reminders all around it that tell you how beautiful, and smart you are, make sure you use good adjectives to describe what’s great about you.  

And then encourage the next sister don’t tear her down make her feel as good about herself as you feel about yourself.

Love you all

Stay beautiful inside and out

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  1. Great post, very encouraging and true words. I look forward to reading future post. Check mine out when you get the chance 🙂

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    • A'TeirrahBrynae

      Thank You. I succeeded, I know my job is to encourage and inspire. I look forward reading yours as well


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