Plus Size Swimwear 

Many plus size women are so conscience of their body especially by the pool and beach. They then will wear a one piece and then throw a t-shirt over it and hop in the water really quickly. The  great things is that the fashion industry has progressed and more designers are creating specifically for plus size women. I’m so happy to have more of a selection of bathing suits to wear to be fly and fashionable in the water. So designers have even created two pieces ,but plus size women we are all built different and all the two pieces are NOT made for your body type. I have posted the styles I like with the two pieces. The swim suits with the ruching are great to camouflage the stomach area. Then you have sexy one pieces great for pool parties and looking good on the beach. My plus sisters we no longer have excuses, we have multiple options find what is best for your body and what you like and your summer will be full of fun in and out the water.