Class and Elegance Brought Back to Prom Attire 

Prom has always been an occasion that is meant for High School upper class men to have an elegant formal dance. It’s a time of celebration for those are embarking on a new level of life. Over the years the classy and elegant clothing has not been very present at prom. Girls have been displaying every part of their body dressing in overly sexy garments that completely take away their innocence and sophistication not leaving any imagination to the others. Although I have noticed that in the past few years there have been some young ladies bringing style and respect back to prom attire. This year I have been excited to see all the beautiful classy and elegant prom goers dressed as upscale young ladies and gentlemen. I decided to dedicate my first #FashionForwardFriday to all the superior and chic Young Ladies and Gentlemen going to prom this year (2016). 

Here are some of my favorites I have seen thus far ….