What’s your Hair Style 

We all take pride in our appearance if something isn’t right we don’t feel right. Women and men alike don’t feel comfortable walking out their homes daily unless everything from head to toe is right. The hair on your head has to be right
at least mine has to be right before I walk out the house everyday. Being an African American woman I know there are limitless hair options for me from the time I was born until today I have worn my hair several ways, from braids to a jeri curl, relaxed hair, short hair, extensions(braids), weave sew-ins you name it 9 times out of 10 I have rocked my hair that way.

Just like the clothes you wear daily, with your hair you have a style with it hence the word hairstyle. Just like clothes, shoes, purses etc. hairstyles are also on trend as well. Many say that the wave of Africa American women going natural is a trend, for some it is for most of us it is about having healthy hair.


What hairstyle are you rocking today? What hairstyle is your favorite? What hairstyle do you want to try next?