Progressive Pursuit of My purpose within my Passion!!!

We all want to progress in our purpose and passion. We are passionate about many things but some are more important than there that we want to pursue them. Also we spend much of our life seeking out our purpose and we want to make progress in that purpose. Many times we are already walking in our purpose and don’t know it. Many times our purpose is like second nature to use it comes so easily.

I spent many years pursuing passions and walking in my purpose. Because my purpose was so second nature to me I didn’t even realize that was the career path I should be pursuing. Not that I am not passionate about my purpose because I gain much joy from my purpose I just thought I had an easier route with other passions. I came to the understanding that my purpose was a gift from God and I was helping so many people. I now know that my purpose is my passion and needs to progress into my profession.


I will no longer second guess what I should be pursuing as a profession. I will put my passion behind it and push forward. I know it sounds like I had a quick come to Jesus moment and everything happened over night, that’s not the case. In all honesty it’s an on going progression I’m not wear I want to be but I’m not where I use to beans I know where I am going.  

3 thoughts on “Progressive Pursuit of My purpose within my Passion!!!

  1. Great stuff! wish you all the best of luck


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