Spring into New Work

It’s the time of year when youth and young adults are seeking work, some adults are transistioning into a new position. Many people want a great interview look but want to still be fashionable. Some people think that you have to stick to the basic boring interview suits and basic black blue gray or navy colors to wear this is so not true. Depending on the position you are applying for determines how creative you can be with your interview look. You’d be surprised how much a hiring executive would include how creative your outfit is towards their decision in hiring you. So I wanted to share some creative looks for a job interview I hope these are helpful and you can use these looks as inspiration. 



Are You Ready for Spring ???

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. For people living in the Midwest and East Coast we look forward to the weather warming up not needing a hat, gloves, and scarf. I have been looking a all the spring colors and floral prints so I came up with a few looks for Spring. I hope you are inspired by the looks and can use them with your wardrobe.  

Spring Ready looks to inspire your spring wardrobe!!!

What’s your Hair Style 

We all take pride in our appearance if something isn’t right we don’t feel right. Women and men alike don’t feel comfortable walking out their homes daily unless everything from head to toe is right. The hair on your head has to be right
at least mine has to be right before I walk out the house everyday. Being an African American woman I know there are limitless hair options for me from the time I was born until today I have worn my hair several ways, from braids to a jeri curl, relaxed hair, short hair, extensions(braids), weave sew-ins you name it 9 times out of 10 I have rocked my hair that way.

Just like the clothes you wear daily, with your hair you have a style with it hence the word hairstyle. Just like clothes, shoes, purses etc. hairstyles are also on trend as well. Many say that the wave of Africa American women going natural is a trend, for some it is for most of us it is about having healthy hair.


What hairstyle are you rocking today? What hairstyle is your favorite? What hairstyle do you want to try next?  

Progressive Pursuit of My purpose within my Passion!!!

We all want to progress in our purpose and passion. We are passionate about many things but some are more important than there that we want to pursue them. Also we spend much of our life seeking out our purpose and we want to make progress in that purpose. Many times we are already walking in our purpose and don’t know it. Many times our purpose is like second nature to use it comes so easily.

I spent many years pursuing passions and walking in my purpose. Because my purpose was so second nature to me I didn’t even realize that was the career path I should be pursuing. Not that I am not passionate about my purpose because I gain much joy from my purpose I just thought I had an easier route with other passions. I came to the understanding that my purpose was a gift from God and I was helping so many people. I now know that my purpose is my passion and needs to progress into my profession.


I will no longer second guess what I should be pursuing as a profession. I will put my passion behind it and push forward. I know it sounds like I had a quick come to Jesus moment and everything happened over night, that’s not the case. In all honesty it’s an on going progression I’m not wear I want to be but I’m not where I use to beans I know where I am going.  

A Timeless Piece 

Blue jean skirts have been around for decades and have been worn long, short, mini, and destressed. I’m a sucker for denim because you can rock anything with denim you can dress it up and down. I just wanted to share my favorite ways to rock a denim( blue jean) skirt. Keep in mind these are good looks for the up and coming Spring Season.

Spring Forward!!!


 Dreams are meant to be fulfilled 

I don’t always get the opportunity to listen to the Steve Harvey morning radio show. After dropping my nephew off at school this morning Steve was discussing on his show this morning about the importance of talking to your children about their dreams. He made a great point, explaining that our children are constantly being influenced so every month or two we need to inquire with them about their dreams. We all are influenced by our peers, television, social media on a daily basis. Therefore our minds change our visions are affected then our goals change. Not only should we discuss this with our children but with ourselves, family and friends. We need to determine if we are still on the right track are we following our dreams.

The big question is, is your passion still motivating you to progress in it?

Do you still have a desire to move forward in that dream or has something inspired a new dream or an old dream that was put to the side? I know we all want to motivate the next person and generation but if we aren’t pursuing our own passionate dreams how can we help anyone else to go after their dreams.

Check in with yourself ever so often to make sure your own passionate dream is what you truly desire to be doing. Just like the youth we too are influenced by other things and people that may spark a flame to do something different.

Once you have made certain that you are fulfilling your dreams, then you can assist others with following theirs. If you have children, nieces,nephews,god-children and mentees make sure you check with them on a regular basis about their dreams and what they aspire to do. Just like you check on their educational progress you should check on their dreams and help them pursue those dreams. Don’t assume that the idea of a doctor, lawyer or athlete is still what they want you never know they may have decided that they want be the next President or entrepreneur.

Sometimes Dreams Change