Express Yourself!!!

Sometimes we will deal with things internally which tends to be a weight on our shoulders. When we we release it whether written or verbally it’s very cathartic. You feel a sense of relief and the weight, and now the pressure is gone. It’s amazing how much holding on to certain issues can affect your daily tasks and the people you encounter.Sometimes you take your anger out on a person that isn’t even involved in the situation.
In order to keep from encountering a negative altercation with people not directly involved in your problems you have to express yourself.
There are many forms of expression,verbal, written, channeling through an exercise or a hobby. 

I use written, verbal as well as dance as my forms of releasing my issues. I have a few people other than God that I confide in and gives me non bias answers to my questions and issues. I am one who had to learn to pray and seek God before I ask people to help me deal simply because I never knew if they were going to give me a truthful and real answer. When I came to the conclusion that I should confide in a God because the answers I would get would be true, I only went to people after my conversations with God. I learned to I trust in God even more and how to release and express myself in the right way.


It’s imperative that you get to that point for yourself. You don’t want to take your anger or aggression out on the wrong person. You don’t want to hold on to negative feelings and energy it is no go for your health nor the people around you. So get in a quiet place and pray and meditate talk to God first get clarity and understanding. Then you can find the one person that will give you an unbiased perception. Next use what you need to rid yourself of that weight. Whether it be grabbing a pen and paper, a paint brush and easel or taking a run or drive but use your way of release.