Tis the Season to Give …

 We are in the middle of the holiday season. We gratefully got through Thanksgiving, now Christmas is right around the corner. Of course we are decorating, making list, and shopping, preparing to be with family whether they are traveling to us or vice versa. While making list some of us are making more of a list of what we want more so than what we want to give.

Some of use get so caught up in the hype of the Holiday season that we forget what it is all about. I’m not going to preach about the birth of Christ, but let’s not forget that is the reason we celebrate Christmas. I just want to remind you all to be givers these season. Give gifts, give time, give support, share your family. It’s amazing how many people are without the necessities and family especially during the holidays. Many people don’t have a family to go home to nor do they have money to buy gifts for self or others. We are so wrapped up in the sales and bargains, decorating our homes and work places. We might give to the Salvation Army Santa ringing the bell outside of the stores,that’s if we have change. 


 I just want to remind you all to Give this season make this a season to give back, invite someone to dinner or go take that homeless man on the corner a warm plate of food etc. Let the season of giving turn into something you do all year long. You will gain a feeling that is way better than any material gift you could ask or think of this Christmas season.

2 thoughts on “Tis the Season to Give …

  1. A'Teirrah(ah_tear_rah)

    I just wanted to charge people to remember what the season is about. Also consider to not just be a giver during this season but all year long and seasons like this your giving should increase. Im glad you got rhe message, I hope others will catch it as well.


  2. You bring up a great point. Giving back and caring shouldn’t be limited to a season, it should be all year round. We need to keep that in mind. Great reminder!


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