Christmas Sunday with the Orchestra

Christmas Sunday with the Orchestra


Alice Olivia jacquard dress
$310 –

Vero Moda draped blazer
$60 –

Sexy high heel shoes

Miu Miu belt
$255 –


You giving him too much Credit…

We tend to say the devil is bothering me. Sometimes we say that ain’t nothing but the devil. We always believe that anything going against God or going against what we desire is the devil.

Let me ask you a question ; Why do we give the devil so much credit for things going on in our lives or around us. I mean really he doesn’t have power in my life to create problems for me. We negelect taking credit for many of the things we do ourselves. It’s not necessarily a demonic spirit many times we just get fearful so we intercept what God is doing.
Stop giving the devil that much power and credit for things that we are doing. Heck sometimes we give the devil credit for things God has allowed to happen, especially when its not what we expected.
Sometimes we are the biggest hindrance in our own life.
We block God’s work and or power with our fear or lack of faith and trust in Him. I think sometimes we forget God created us. He had a specific purpose in mind when he created us. Therefore we need to trust His plan He knows exactly what He is doing.


Stop giving that fool Lucifer so much credit, he doesn’t deserve it. He doesn’t have that much authority nor power. Ephesians 3:20 states; “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,”
God has all Power and Authority remember that.

Ya’ll Have a Blessed One

Another Sunday Styling Look

Another Sunday Styling look


This like includes a Sheer Plaid blouse from Lane Bryant

Denim align skirt from Ashley Stewart

Black thick heeled booties from Payless

I love mixing and matching pieces in my wardrobe sometimes it makes for  he best looks. I enjoyed this look, I hope you do too.

Express Yourself!!!

Sometimes we will deal with things internally which tends to be a weight on our shoulders. When we we release it whether written or verbally it’s very cathartic. You feel a sense of relief and the weight, and now the pressure is gone. It’s amazing how much holding on to certain issues can affect your daily tasks and the people you encounter.Sometimes you take your anger out on a person that isn’t even involved in the situation.
In order to keep from encountering a negative altercation with people not directly involved in your problems you have to express yourself.
There are many forms of expression,verbal, written, channeling through an exercise or a hobby. 

I use written, verbal as well as dance as my forms of releasing my issues. I have a few people other than God that I confide in and gives me non bias answers to my questions and issues. I am one who had to learn to pray and seek God before I ask people to help me deal simply because I never knew if they were going to give me a truthful and real answer. When I came to the conclusion that I should confide in a God because the answers I would get would be true, I only went to people after my conversations with God. I learned to I trust in God even more and how to release and express myself in the right way.


It’s imperative that you get to that point for yourself. You don’t want to take your anger or aggression out on the wrong person. You don’t want to hold on to negative feelings and energy it is no go for your health nor the people around you. So get in a quiet place and pray and meditate talk to God first get clarity and understanding. Then you can find the one person that will give you an unbiased perception. Next use what you need to rid yourself of that weight. Whether it be grabbing a pen and paper, a paint brush and easel or taking a run or drive but use your way of release.


Looking quite Nautical!!!

So it was first Sunday at my church and my Pastor requested us to wear some form of white to our special Lords Supper evening service. I wanted to be cute and comfy and comply with the color request. So I styled my look and here is what I came up with. 

Navy Blue Blazer  from my mother’s closet.

White front tie blouse from Ashley Stewart

White Skinny jeans from The Avenue 

Dark leopard print Steve Madden Heels ( sorry you can’t see the detail of the shoe)  

I did carry a  BCBG red clutch (not pictured) 

Another BelleBry Style better known as ATeirrahBrynae 

Where has your Thought Process Gotten You???

I mean seriously think about it,(pun intended) think about your thought process. Where has your thought process gotten you. The word of God states in Proverbs 23:7a For as a man thinketh in his hearty, so is he. The thoughts you have about yourself is that the true identity of you? I know that sometimes we are our own worse critics. We have a tendency to allow others thoughts of us define who we are, which means we adapt the other persons ideals of ourselves. That is a big No-No!!! 

Don’t allow others thoughts or ideals of you change how you think about yourself. What God thinks of you should be the thoughts that you adapt in your mind about you and everything else. I know I’m guilty of allowing others ideas of me consume my thoughts of myself. Then I started to not think so highly of myself, BIG MISTAKE. So now my self-esteem declined and I’m walking around with head hung low and now I’m thinking less and less of me. It was a difficult time in my life. One day I started really looking in the mirror and seeing who God says that I am. I really stated reading what God’s word said about His children. I adopted a godly thought process. I no longer allow people’s words tear me down or change how I think about myself. 

We must learn not to be so easily influenced by others ideals of us our even of others.I really considered the affirmation that Pastor Joel Osteen has his congragation recite prior to opening their bible in his service “This is my Bible. I am what it says I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do”…there is more to it. Yet this beginning part is a mantra that I had to start saying to myself to remind me of who I am and who I was created by.  

People change your thinking make sure you think positive about you, your life and the things around you. It will hell you to stay positive and not accept the things that others say about you. Do not allow others insecurities become yours. Allow God’s words about you be your words about you.

Peace and Positive Thinking Y’all

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Work to happy hour

Work to happy hour


Vero Moda black blazer
$29 –

ONLY loose pants
$21 –

Steve madden booties

Clare V genuine leather handbag
$270 –

H M black bag
$53 –

Topshop chunky jewelry
$38 –

Lipsy heart necklace
$11 –

Gold earrings