Warm Leg Winter Fashion 


Of course when I was younger,tights use to irritate me because they would make my legs itch. Th older I got the more I appreciated the purpose of tights. Now I love them and look forward to the fall and winter to wear them.
My favorite tights are those that are colored and designed. It’s a great way to accesserise with certain clothes. Tights like those pictured will go well with shorts, denim or high waisted shorts.  You can also wear them with pencil and a-lign skirts. Lastly my new favorite way to rock them is with distressed jeans with larger holes where the designs of the tights can be displayed.
Ladies it doesn’t matter what size you are, the ways I listed to wear tights will work for all sizes. I hope I have giving you some different style ideas for the winter.

P.S. You can find tights like the above photo at just about any store you shop for your clothes. Such as Walmart,Target, Forever 21 or Ashley Stewart.

Stay Warm and Fashionable ladies !!!

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  1. All I wear is tights now! I completely understand where you’re coming from!


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