The Only Constant Thing in The World is…CHANGE !!!

The only constant thing is change. People, places and things change on a regular. Time changes, days to months to years. People change and many times for the better. Everything and everyone is subject to a season of change. God did not create us to be one way, we are constantly growing and changing. Some people think one way but when they are educated and enlightened their mind changes their thought process changes.When one grows to new levels in life they change into a better person.
Think about it we came into this world as infants growing and changing daily, developing and becoming who are meant to be. There are stages of life we elevate from one stage to the next. If God created us to be creatures of change;Why do we have such a difficult time with transition and newness? Why do we have such a difficult time adapting to the new things in life?

Well I know one thing we get comfortable in one place and situation really quickly and easily.
We must learn to be more adaptable to the constant change of life. We know that with each second minute and hour in a day things can change. We are okay with time changing because it is inevitable but so are seasons and people.

We must learn to accept people even in their newness and if you can’t go with them in their growth leave them alone. Your lack of support or adaptability may stunt ones growth. I know some areas of change may not be that great but it’s a part of process. We all go through the rough seasons. The rain isn’t that great, but when the flowers grow you appreciate that element. Caterpillars are slithery and funny looking but once they go through metamorphism the butterfly is beautiful. Understand that change is constant, change is life.

2 thoughts on “The Only Constant Thing in The World is…CHANGE !!!

  1. As long as we are open to change – we are open to growing. We close ourselves off so often because we’re scared, it’s really unfortunate. Great piece!


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