Proud To Be Pure !!!

It’s been in the news because a beautiful couple decided to share their story. Many people consider t to be something new where others see it as normal and the way things should naturally be. What am I referring to; living a life of purity withholding sex until you are married. Many think they just can’t hold out, they feel you have to know what you are getting before you commit to this person for life, I disagree. They compare it to a car saying you test drive a car before you buy it. Although if you really think about it you always discover something about your car that you didn’t know at the time of purchase. So in my mind that’s not a good comparison. I was raised as a Christian as I grew up and learned and understood, I made a commitment to myself that I would stay pure until I am married. I am still pure at the age of 34 waiting for my husband. I know many people may say that’s why I have yet to marry. That maybe partially¬†true, but also it’s because I refuse to settle and go against something I believe so strongly about.


Many women and men are pure and believe this is the way to live and be until married. It’s more people living a life of purity than you would think. I used to be scared to share that part of my life. I was not ashamed,just didn’t want to be looked down upon because I wasn’t following what was the normal thing to do for many of my peers. There were times when I lied about it of course I repented and had to forgive myself for being ashamed. Many teens and adults feel the same way but there are many Christian movements that make you feel proud to be pure. I thank God that I grew up spiritually many people tell me that it is a very admirable thing to do. I remind them that to be admired isn’t why I made the decision to remain pure, it’s a way of life for a Christian Women like me.

Thank You Brelyn Freeman oops I mean Brelyn Bowman and Tim Bowman Jr. for being the new norm for the next generation to follow.