Who’s Plan is Better???

I had to switch today’s blog up, because I had to share with you all something that has been chasing me down for the past couple of days. I mean let’s be real eventually you will get tired of running and slow down. This particular thing I had to slow down for I wanted it to catch me. I think anyone with good sense would want to be caught by God’s Plan for their life.

I have been to a single’s event, and heard a few preachers say it, heck I even caught wind of it on Being Mary Jane last night. When God has a message for you and needs you to hear it, you better believe you are going to get it. He will put that message in just about anything to make sure you understand that the message is for you. I kept thinking, every time I heard it this is so true and real, I have to share it. As much as God wanted me to share it, He wanted me to receive it for myself before I passed it on. I knew it was a true message for me when I saw an image on Instagram by Faithful Chic’s Boutique.


This image spoke volumes to me. I’ve always known God has great plans for me. Of course like many of you I have my own plan trying to convince myself that it was God, but it was my own thoughts. God has a plan for us ten times better than what we could even think or conceive.

I definitely got it, God your plan is better and I have to follow, and patiently wait for your directions. I can receive an abundance from the plan you have for me. Let me tell ya’ll it is nothing greater than to know God has a plan greater than yours, and it’s right there for you to have. Don’t keep creating these plans that are not even close to what God has for you be patient God will reveal the greatness He has for your life.