Warm Leg Winter Fashion 


Of course when I was younger,tights use to irritate me because they would make my legs itch. Th older I got the more I appreciated the purpose of tights. Now I love them and look forward to the fall and winter to wear them.
My favorite tights are those that are colored and designed. It’s a great way to accesserise with certain clothes. Tights like those pictured will go well with shorts, denim or high waisted shorts.  You can also wear them with pencil and a-lign skirts. Lastly my new favorite way to rock them is with distressed jeans with larger holes where the designs of the tights can be displayed.
Ladies it doesn’t matter what size you are, the ways I listed to wear tights will work for all sizes. I hope I have giving you some different style ideas for the winter.

P.S. You can find tights like the above photo at just about any store you shop for your clothes. Such as Walmart,Target, Forever 21 or Ashley Stewart.

Stay Warm and Fashionable ladies !!!


Warm & Cute 

This look is all about staying warm in snowy cold Chicago!!!

Lavender Purple button down blouse -Romans  *Heather Gray Sweatshirt by Hanes from -Walmart *Dark Denim pencil skirt – Ashley Stewart *Black decor tights – The Avenue  *Black over the knew top studded boots -The Avenue 

The Only Constant Thing in The World is…CHANGE !!!

The only constant thing is change. People, places and things change on a regular. Time changes, days to months to years. People change and many times for the better. Everything and everyone is subject to a season of change. God did not create us to be one way, we are constantly growing and changing. Some people think one way but when they are educated and enlightened their mind changes their thought process changes.When one grows to new levels in life they change into a better person.
Think about it we came into this world as infants growing and changing daily, developing and becoming who are meant to be. There are stages of life we elevate from one stage to the next. If God created us to be creatures of change;Why do we have such a difficult time with transition and newness? Why do we have such a difficult time adapting to the new things in life?

Well I know one thing we get comfortable in one place and situation really quickly and easily.
We must learn to be more adaptable to the constant change of life. We know that with each second minute and hour in a day things can change. We are okay with time changing because it is inevitable but so are seasons and people.

We must learn to accept people even in their newness and if you can’t go with them in their growth leave them alone. Your lack of support or adaptability may stunt ones growth. I know some areas of change may not be that great but it’s a part of process. We all go through the rough seasons. The rain isn’t that great, but when the flowers grow you appreciate that element. Caterpillars are slithery and funny looking but once they go through metamorphism the butterfly is beautiful. Understand that change is constant, change is life.

Stay Motivated, In Pursuit of Your Goals!!!

We are all in pursuit of accomplishing our goals. We have short term and long term goals we want to reach. Sometimes these goals seem so far away, so unattainable. The truth of the matter is some goals we will reach before others and we have to work hard to reach all of them no matter how big or small. When pursuing a goal you can’t move in fear, one must be confident that the goal will be attainable. You have to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will succeed in reaching each and every goal. In your pursuit you have to be patient because some goals will be reached quicker than others. In the process of trying to reach your goals you will learn so much about yourself. People don’t realize that accomplishing goals is a process.


I have several goals to accomplish in my lifetime and I refuse to quit because it has become hard. I know that if it was easy everyone would be doing it. The best thing to have is an attitude of persistence. You have to have a mind set to accomplish your goal by any means necessary. I am writing this to motivate myself, also in hopes of motivating others.

Don’t allow your fear or doubt to keep you from continuing with the process of accomplishing your goals. Be patient and persistent, work hard and strive to attain the goals you set out to achieve.

Proud To Be Pure !!!

It’s been in the news because a beautiful couple decided to share their story. Many people consider t to be something new where others see it as normal and the way things should naturally be. What am I referring to; living a life of purity withholding sex until you are married. Many think they just can’t hold out, they feel you have to know what you are getting before you commit to this person for life, I disagree. They compare it to a car saying you test drive a car before you buy it. Although if you really think about it you always discover something about your car that you didn’t know at the time of purchase. So in my mind that’s not a good comparison. I was raised as a Christian as I grew up and learned and understood, I made a commitment to myself that I would stay pure until I am married. I am still pure at the age of 34 waiting for my husband. I know many people may say that’s why I have yet to marry. That maybe partially true, but also it’s because I refuse to settle and go against something I believe so strongly about.


Many women and men are pure and believe this is the way to live and be until married. It’s more people living a life of purity than you would think. I used to be scared to share that part of my life. I was not ashamed,just didn’t want to be looked down upon because I wasn’t following what was the normal thing to do for many of my peers. There were times when I lied about it of course I repented and had to forgive myself for being ashamed. Many teens and adults feel the same way but there are many Christian movements that make you feel proud to be pure. I thank God that I grew up spiritually many people tell me that it is a very admirable thing to do. I remind them that to be admired isn’t why I made the decision to remain pure, it’s a way of life for a Christian Women like me.

Thank You Brelyn Freeman oops I mean Brelyn Bowman and Tim Bowman Jr. for being the new norm for the next generation to follow.

Top 3 Stores to Purchase Boots for Thick Calves!!!

I have a blessing and a curse, “Thick Calves”. A few years ago shopping for boots in the early fall, I struggled to find boots to cover these cute calves. I started
searching everywhere for a place to accommodate my beautiful legs. I found three great stores that has stylish boots with accommodating width.
(Boots come in multiple colors I am just partial to these colors)


The first boot comes from “The Avenue” a plus size women’s store.
The second boot comes from “Torrid” another plus size women’s store. Finally the third boot comes from a pretty familar store “Payless Shoe source”. All boots are under $100. So for you ladies who are blessed with a little thickness in the calve area, no fear go ahead and shop and get some stylish boots.