Learning How to Faith It from Cora Jakes Coleman!!!

This summer I went to Bishop T. D. Jakes Mega-Fest, it was beyond amazing. One of the greatest things I experienced was being in the midst of so many great like-minded and spiritual people, one of them was Cora Jakes Coleman daughter of T.D. Jakes. I was in a service where she stirred up her gift of prayer. It was amazing to see the next generation of Bishop Jakes take the gospel to the next level. While there Cora promoted her book “Faithing It” although it won’t be released until November 17th those of us who attended Mega-Fest got a preview of the intro and first two chapters of “Faithing It” which I read on the plan back home.

Once I was home I proceeded to follow Cora on every stream of social media that I could find her on.I came across a post where she gave her followers the opportunity to help launch her book. I sent in my email and several days I received an email giving me instructions on what to do. So I’ve been reading my preview copy of “Faithing It” and everyday I feel more and more motivated. I have a better understanding truly having faith in God and myself.


I would encourage any one to head over to Amazon and pre-order their copy of “ Faithing It”. Anyone who is struggling with letting go and letting God, this is the perfect read for them. The book is full of motivational quotes, for example “Change the way you talk to you about you”. This quote forced me to encourage myself and remind me of the great things I am capable of. I could go on and on about how this book is blessing me but I want to finish reading it and besides you need to go and get your copy.