If nobody else supports you, support yourself. If know one else has your back have your own back. Just know people are not going to always be there for you they can’t just like you can’t always be there for someone else. It’s not a bad thing it’s a great thing, it teaches you to be strong and independent. You have to know some days will be more difficult than others but you have to be your biggest motivator.

Everyday get up and motivate yourself to be better and do better than you did the day before.
Nobody knows like you do what you can do. No one knows how well you can do it and what your ultimate desire is, therefore you have to push yourself to achieve your goals. Daily affirmations is necessary put them on your phone in your car on your desk at work put them on your bathroom mirror. Just remember to be your own biggest cheerleader, no one will cheer you on like you. You may have some family and friends that will push you and support you but they can’t do it everyday all day. Those days when you need it and they aren’t available for you, be available for yourself.


Remind you,why you are doing what you are doing. Keeping your goals at the forefront,is imperative to success. Continuing to motivate,support and encourage yourself will keep you on the path of success. Don’t be upset with people when they can’t be there just be there for yourself and all will be well.