Are You Utilizing Your Talents!!!

In life we realize that we are well versed in many things and are very passionate about all of these things. I know that God blesses many with multiple talents. Some of us know how to organize our time to fit all of our talents into our schedule. Some of us pursue one and ignore the others. Then there are those of us who want to combine all our talents together and try to build a business out of them. It’s a struggle when you don’t know how to combine them together. So we end up giving one talent a lot of energy and neglecting the other. This is where we have to use wisdom and even seek out help.

There is a way to utilize all your gifts either collectively or separately. You just have to organize your talents they all have a place in your life it is up to you to figure out where and how to use them.


First write out the talents you have, then write out how you are currently using each talent. Even write down that you are not actively using a talent. Next you want to write down how each talent can be used. Also consider if you need assistance with putting any of these talents into action.Then consider which talents you can interface together. If the talents are too different to interface that’s when you, need to think about which talent you are most passionate about. The talent that you are the least passionate about you can then volunteer your time with that one or even make it a hobby.

The key to your talents is to make sure you use them, because if you don’t you will lose them. Exercise the talents you have been blessed with. Exhaust every possibility with your talents.