Pursue Your Passion/Build your Support Group

So as I was preparing myself for the next goal I’m seeking to accomplish, I started to consider those who support me in what I am working hard for. It’s amazing how many people will ignore and appear non supportive but state that they are supportive. I learned a long time ago, that when people “show” you who they are absolutely believe them. The actions of people show us who they really are and what they are about.

I learned to only share what I desire to do in my business and personal life with those who show themselves supportive. There are so many people who would say they are for you but speak negative about you and what you are planning to do. There are others who will tear you down and make fun of what you set out to do. Many times they make fun and don’t support you due to the fact that they don’t understand your vision. Also others are jealous that you came up with the idea and not them. Even those who are successful where they are, will speak ill of you because they don’t want you to catch up to them or surpass them.


Don’t, under any circumstance allow anyone to discourage you from going forth to accomplish your goals. No one should be able to stop you from producing what you know you were purposed to do.

“Your vision is only as powerful as your courage to pursue it”- AJ Lawrence
Don’t allow anyone take away your power to pursue your visions and goals. Build a support group with those who already support you. There are people whether friends or family but build that group but don’t let them determine what you will ultimately accomplish.