Prepare for the Prayers you Pray!!!

Most of us pray daily and even fewer pray multiple times throughout the day, that includes blessings our food. Sometimes we think God is like a genie we pray to and think we don’t have to do anything else, and He is just going to grant our prayers like they are wishes. In some cases God wants us to pray with faith and be still and He’ll handle it. In some cases we have to exercise the scripture James 2:14-26 in a nutshell  “Faith without works is dead.” Which means we must pray in faith but then there is some work we must put in for things to work out for your good. It would be lovely to just pray your fat away but we know that we have to eat right and exercise basically practice temple care. As you pray about it God gives you wisdom on what to eat what not to eat who to seek out for help whether it be a nutritionist or a exercise trainer.

God wants us to prepare for what we ask for in prayer. Many of us singles pray for husbands and wives but we are not prepared for the work that comes with that responsibility. If you are unemployed or unhappy on your current job you pray for a new job. Not thinking about this job maybe more to deal with than the one I have now, or now I have to wake up early to go to work. We must remember when we pray there is preparation and work that must be done.

Just like anything else you desire in life you must prepare for it. You have to prep your mind and heart, because sometimes what you ask for may not come in the manner that you anticipate. It may even come through someone or at a different time than you expect but ultimately it you must be prepared for whatever manner your answered prayers comes.