Thoughts for Tuesday , De-Clutter Get Organized

Have ever felt like things just aren’t going right in your life??? Of course you have we all have those moments. You analyze everything around you trying to figure out how to handle it, and how you can fix the situation. You talk to your close friend, you pray and meditate in search of a solution. After all of this you realize the answer has been right in front of you.

Your mind has been all over the place. You have been thinking this and that your mind has been jumbled and confused. But so has your space around you,your living space is a mess. Your work space is in disarray. Your car could use a good vacuum and wash. You’re trying to handle everything around you, the issues on your job, in your family and your social life.


You realize everything is a mess because you are not organized. It is so true that a cluttered area makes for a cluttered mind. You are all over the place because you and all your belongings are all over the place. You are not keeping your area around you organized. It makes such a big difference when you clean your area and clear your space of unnecessary things. Being organized and prepared for things to come is truly the place you want to be. When you are clear and clean you have room for the things you need you can be more decisive in your work and personal life.

Here are a few quick tips for organization :

*Create a Plan

*Start Small

* Do one thing at a time

* Remove unnecessary items.

these tips should help you get started.