Favor Ain’t Fair !!!

You never think that when you are striving for success that others are waiting to tear you down. Nor do you think that the ones who are applauding and supporting you through all your hard work will hate on your accomplishments. Many times the ones closes to you are the ones who wish your success was their success.

We have To realize that even those who appear to support you are praying against you. I just experienced someone who I admire hate of my favor. I’m not the type of person to throw my success in anyone’s face, but someone else put me on blast and I received a chilled shoulder.
It was a shock but instead of me staying in a place of offense, I prayed for this person and kept on going.


I am not a woman who is about putting others down, hating on someone’s favor, I’m quite the opposite. I will support you, encourage you, brag about you and lift you up. It’s imperative to support others and encourage others. Don’t be in a place of jealousy, you can block your own blessings. God will pass out favor but remember it’s not always fair. Favor is not based on what you do but based off of what God believes you deserve.