Motivated by our Children

Many of us have a motivating force for success or constantly seeking one. Many use money as a driving force, proving others wrong is another, also some are motivated to be the one in their family to succeed. If you are really about that life you would use our children as your motivation. Children are watching everything you do. They will follow what you do more than what you say. It’s so important that we show the next generation and those that follow what success looks like. Everyone’s definition of success and our children need to see the variety of what success looks like.

Children are looking for a blueprint for success. They need examples of what they can be in life. We spend so much time trying to keep up with the next person or out do them. We sometimes forget that we always have little eyes watching and little ears listening. It’s imperative that we give them something successful to watch. The children really are, our future. The children need us to show them what they can do, what’s the right way to do life.


It’s great to make money but that should not be the only reason you get up to work each day. It’s great to prove others wrong, to show them that hard work will get you success. It’s beautiful that you want to show your family what it looks like to succeed. Just don’t forget about being an example for our children, don’t forget to give them someone to look up to. Our children need positive role models. Use children as your motivation consider their future when you get up each day. Show them that being on time is great and essential. Show our children hard work does pay off. Let our children know that they too can be successful at anything the put their mind to do.