Personal and Prayer Time!!!

Some days are better than others, I had one of those days recently and I allowed my feelings to get the best of me. I know I’m not alone we all have those days when feelings and emotions consume us. It’s bad when it takes over our day and spills into responses to others around us.
It took me a while to get back to a place of peace. I really had to take time to myself and then time with God to cleanse myself of bad thoughts and emotions.

Prayer and time with God is so essential to our daily lives. I got in to a quiet place and cried out in prayer. Having that time with God, I could feel the heaviness start to fall off of my mind and heart. God is so patient with us and the fact that He is so omnipresent is amazing. He makes time for us all individually which is pure unconditional love.

We must be stronger and learn not to get so caught up in our feelings and emotions and learn to get caught up more in prayer and time with God. We must allow our feelings and emotions line up with the peace, love and joy of God. Allow Gods unconditional love to be where we live.
Know that prayer and personal time with Him daily will keep you from leading with those dramatic emotions and feelings.