What Goals Are You Going To Accomplish This Week!!!

Every week you should have a list of goals to accomplish. You need to create a To-Do-List for the week.
Know what is attainable for the week. Be realistic about what you can do for the week, each day should be a day that you worked at your goals. If it is one goal, three goals or five. Get it done, and dont let anything distract you from accomplishing your goals.

Also consider a to-do-list for each day for each goal. Its important to plan out step by step what you need to do. Then you have a guide for your goals and no excuse for missing something or lack of completion.


So use this morning to plan for your goals for the week. Next week you can use Sunday. But today start now this morning, this afternoon, this evening. Don’t put it off until tomorrow plan for your goals for the week today.