Until It Gets Better!!!

This past Sunday My pastor preached on Discontentment. It’s something I have been working on in my own life. I am constantly trying to make sure I am content where I am in life. Not just content with the status quo, but more content with the things that I have been blessed with. God blesses us with so many things daily and we are never content with the necessitates. He used Eve as an example of one who wasn’t content God left she and Adam with a plethora of trees to eat from but the one that was off limits was what she wanted.

So many of us are in a place of discontentment, or have been in that place in our lives. I know I have been but I realized that God can never bless me with more than I have if I don’t ever be appreciative or content where He has placed me.

One of the key points my Pastor made was we have to learn to stay busy doing what we are doing until better gets here. Some of us have asked for where we are and because it’s not what you expected, you are ready to throw in the towel. There are many lessons to learn within this particular season. Sometimes it’s about paying dues, learning where you are, and even sacrifice. God allows us to experience certain things in order to strengthen us and prepare us for our next stage in life. He can’t elevate us if we have not been successful in the simple task in life. Sometimes we have to learn to be diligent and content in the little things so we can gain a greater level.


So get out your feelings and get into a place of gratefulness and contentment.
Don’t make excuses and throw way what God has for you.
Work hard and be content where you are so God can take you to the next level.

Remember Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.