One simple thing that is limiting your progress is your thought process, your thinking has been keeping you from moving forward. We all are guilty of either thinking too much or not thinking enough. We also have a tendency to have negative thoughts that triggers us to lose focus on what we desire to do. It’s amazing how our brain functions, how our thoughts creates certain emotions where we automatically make a decision that we can’t or won’t do something.
We have been created with great purpose and destiny to fulfill, which means we need to think and speak positively.


We have more power than we think we have. We have the power to change how we think and what we think. It’s important to surround your self with positive people and places. What you see and hear on a daily basis effects how and what you think. Consuming the right things will produce right things.
Here are a few ways to reprogram your thinking
1) Start your day with Prayer and meditation
2) Surround yourself with positive people
3) Listen to positive music and conversations
4) Read positive things I.e. The Bible, motivational/self-help books
5) Think on these things.

When you continue to only keep positivity around you that’s all you know. Your surroundings dictate how you will respond in life.
Think Positive and you will Be Positive!!!


My Nine Must Haves for Fall

imageThese are my favorite Fall Staples. I can mix and match all of these items together, or add other items from my closet for great fall fashionable looks.

Chambray Shirt
It can been worn in so many ways you can wear as a shirt or a layered piece you can add to your waste over leggings it’s a great versatile piece. A Chambray shirt goes great with anything.

Boyfriend jeans
They are cute and comfy, can be dressed up for girls night out with heals a tee and a blazer or my next must have a motto jacket.

Moto Jacket
It’s a great jacket for warmth in the fall, it’s also a great finisher piece to complete an outfit.

Ankle boots/ booties
These are great with all of the above but you can rock them with a cute pencil skirt, leggings or skinny jeans. They are a great pair of versatile boots

A slightly oversized Plaid Shirt
This shirt is good for warmth but it’s a great layering piece you can also tie around your waist with jeans or leggings. You can also wear it in its regular manner and then tie in front.

A couple of great colorful Scarfs
Scarfs are great accessories, you can do do much with a scarf. You can wear around your neck , waist , or head. You can also adorn your purse with a scarf. You can give an LBD (little black dress) a great pop with a scarf.

A Great Trench jacket/coat
You can never go wrong with a khaki trench, but any other color would be a good addition to your wardrobe. Also try. Trench with a hint of leather or hardware. Trenches are always a good addition to most outfits.

A cute comfy and warm hoodie
I love a good warm hoodie especially one from my alma mater or with a catching saying on the front. Hoodies go good with boyfriend/skinny jeans, or leggings.

A great pencil skirt
A great pencil skirt can be worn any where and with almost anything.
It can be dressed up and dressed down and you can go with any color or a great print.

Prepare for the Prayers you Pray!!!

Most of us pray daily and even fewer pray multiple times throughout the day, that includes blessings our food. Sometimes we think God is like a genie we pray to and think we don’t have to do anything else, and He is just going to grant our prayers like they are wishes. In some cases God wants us to pray with faith and be still and He’ll handle it. In some cases we have to exercise the scripture James 2:14-26 in a nutshell  “Faith without works is dead.” Which means we must pray in faith but then there is some work we must put in for things to work out for your good. It would be lovely to just pray your fat away but we know that we have to eat right and exercise basically practice temple care. As you pray about it God gives you wisdom on what to eat what not to eat who to seek out for help whether it be a nutritionist or a exercise trainer.

God wants us to prepare for what we ask for in prayer. Many of us singles pray for husbands and wives but we are not prepared for the work that comes with that responsibility. If you are unemployed or unhappy on your current job you pray for a new job. Not thinking about this job maybe more to deal with than the one I have now, or now I have to wake up early to go to work. We must remember when we pray there is preparation and work that must be done.

Just like anything else you desire in life you must prepare for it. You have to prep your mind and heart, because sometimes what you ask for may not come in the manner that you anticipate. It may even come through someone or at a different time than you expect but ultimately it you must be prepared for whatever manner your answered prayers comes.

Thoughts for Tuesday , De-Clutter Get Organized

Have ever felt like things just aren’t going right in your life??? Of course you have we all have those moments. You analyze everything around you trying to figure out how to handle it, and how you can fix the situation. You talk to your close friend, you pray and meditate in search of a solution. After all of this you realize the answer has been right in front of you.

Your mind has been all over the place. You have been thinking this and that your mind has been jumbled and confused. But so has your space around you,your living space is a mess. Your work space is in disarray. Your car could use a good vacuum and wash. You’re trying to handle everything around you, the issues on your job, in your family and your social life.


You realize everything is a mess because you are not organized. It is so true that a cluttered area makes for a cluttered mind. You are all over the place because you and all your belongings are all over the place. You are not keeping your area around you organized. It makes such a big difference when you clean your area and clear your space of unnecessary things. Being organized and prepared for things to come is truly the place you want to be. When you are clear and clean you have room for the things you need you can be more decisive in your work and personal life.

Here are a few quick tips for organization :

*Create a Plan

*Start Small

* Do one thing at a time

* Remove unnecessary items.

these tips should help you get started.

Favorite Styles of the 2015 Emmy’s Red Carpet


Kerry Washington Kills in the Marc Jacobs silver/metallic Dress

Lady GaGa Gives us Classic in a Black one Shoulder Brandon Maxwell

Taraji P. Henson Slays as always in a Black Alexander Wang

January Jones makes everyone Envious with her Green Jumpsuit by Ulyana Sergeenko

Teyonah Parris is spot on w/ a White & black polka dots by Francesca Miranda

Ariel Winter rules the red carpet with a Red Romana Keveza

Danielle Brooks Brightens up the Red carpet with her triple color Christian Siriano gown

(Photos from Getty Images)

Favor Ain’t Fair !!!

You never think that when you are striving for success that others are waiting to tear you down. Nor do you think that the ones who are applauding and supporting you through all your hard work will hate on your accomplishments. Many times the ones closes to you are the ones who wish your success was their success.

We have To realize that even those who appear to support you are praying against you. I just experienced someone who I admire hate of my favor. I’m not the type of person to throw my success in anyone’s face, but someone else put me on blast and I received a chilled shoulder.
It was a shock but instead of me staying in a place of offense, I prayed for this person and kept on going.


I am not a woman who is about putting others down, hating on someone’s favor, I’m quite the opposite. I will support you, encourage you, brag about you and lift you up. It’s imperative to support others and encourage others. Don’t be in a place of jealousy, you can block your own blessings. God will pass out favor but remember it’s not always fair. Favor is not based on what you do but based off of what God believes you deserve.

Motivated by our Children

Many of us have a motivating force for success or constantly seeking one. Many use money as a driving force, proving others wrong is another, also some are motivated to be the one in their family to succeed. If you are really about that life you would use our children as your motivation. Children are watching everything you do. They will follow what you do more than what you say. It’s so important that we show the next generation and those that follow what success looks like. Everyone’s definition of success and our children need to see the variety of what success looks like.

Children are looking for a blueprint for success. They need examples of what they can be in life. We spend so much time trying to keep up with the next person or out do them. We sometimes forget that we always have little eyes watching and little ears listening. It’s imperative that we give them something successful to watch. The children really are, our future. The children need us to show them what they can do, what’s the right way to do life.


It’s great to make money but that should not be the only reason you get up to work each day. It’s great to prove others wrong, to show them that hard work will get you success. It’s beautiful that you want to show your family what it looks like to succeed. Just don’t forget about being an example for our children, don’t forget to give them someone to look up to. Our children need positive role models. Use children as your motivation consider their future when you get up each day. Show them that being on time is great and essential. Show our children hard work does pay off. Let our children know that they too can be successful at anything the put their mind to do.