2 Of The Hardest Things To Do In Life…

Two of the hardest things to do in life that are very necessary is to 1.) Let Go (letting go of the things you really have no control over) and 2.) Let God( let God handle those very things that you have no control over). We have so, many things in our life that we wanna control or try to control and we fail always trying to figure them out. We must learn to realize those are the things that are weighing us down stressing us out, giving us the headaches. We must also learn to realize that those are the very things that we must let Go and let God handle.

I know from previous experience and current situations that trying to let go of something that I want to control is very difficult. We want so bad to fix it ourselves but our solutions are either temporary or not effective at all. Then we get frustrated, and throw a fit like we are toddlers who can’t have their way. Letting go is something we must learn to be more open to doing. It takes a lot of stress and weight off of our shoulders. Letting go allows room for peace of mind and happiness.

Now letting God handle your situation is just as difficult if not more. Many times God handles it but not like we would have or what we think will work. We forget that God is the author and finisher of all things, He absolutely knows what He is doing. We must let God do His job as our Father, our Protector, our savior Our everything.

So remember when it seems to difficult to handle, step 1. Let go, let go of the issue its no longer your problem. 2. Let God, allow God to do His job and handle the things that are too difficult for us to handle, remember that’s what God wants to do.