What Circle are You Apart of , Winners or quitters???

What circle are you apart of,winners or quitters ??? We have heard the saying that all winners have lost at one point or another in the game. But they can’t stay there or they’ll be quitters and no chance of being a winner. We are constantly striving to win at life but many things cause us to stumble and fall. Sometimes it’s our own fault but it’s still no reason to sit and wallow in our own failures. That will not get you to the winners circle.

Don’t you know that’s quitting won’t get you anywhere but stuck in a place you can’t get out of.
God created us to be winners at life to accomplish the things you are destined to do. We all have a purpose on this earth but it would never be a winning purpose if you don’t accept the fact that failure is a part of winning, and quitting won’t make you anything but a quitter.

Photo credit: winnerscircleofnorfolk.com

So next time you hit the track of life take off running with winning as your goal. If you are not the first one to pass that finish line then it just means you have to put in the work to come first next time. There is no room for quitters in the winners circle.