Mega-Fest… It’s Truly an Experience !!!

Hello Goal chasers, At the beginning of 2015 I created a vision board for the year. For those of you who don’t know. Vision board is a visual board of goals and visions you desire to accomplish within the year. One main thing I included on my vision board was to travel and do things I’ve always wanted to do. Well I’ve always wanted to come to Mega-Fest ¬†as long as I knew it existed. On Wednesday Afternoon my mother and I got on a plane and traveled to Dallas,Texas to enjoy this great conference of Mega-Fest.

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When you desire to do something you have to just go for it prepare for it and do it. I am thoroughly enjoying myself here at Mega-Fest receiving vital information and connecting with so many women from everywhere. To top it off my best friend that I have known almost my whole life is here to experience it with me. This is truly an experience and there is more to come stay tuned for my review of the whole weekend.

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