Motivation must be in the forefront. It is imperative to have motivating, positive, empowering, uplifting energy around you, and that energy must start with you. If you are not self motivated you are not ready to go forth to do anything. We can’t always depend on the people around us to motivate our moves. You have to encourage yourself. Its starts with having confidence that what you are doing is going to be great and beneficial. Then you must create a plan, write out your vision step by step know what it will take to get your goals accomplished. Then Go forth with those Plans. Now let’s discuss the 4 Ways to Motivate Yourself………..

1.) Place self affirming mantras around your living and work space.
(Use Post-its those are my favorite because I can write what I want to see)
Use positive Sayings and Words to keep you uplifted
When you are looking at positive daily you will act positive daily.


2.) Keep other’s opinions far from you. Don’t let them discourage you. Many times friends, family and colleagues will tell you what they think you can’t accomplish, but YOU KNOW better than anyone what you are capable of, now go forth and do what you can do.

3.) Maintain encouraging thoughts, not thoughts that discourage you. Be Honest with Yourself. We sometimes over think things and put ourselves in a place of discouragement. Sometimes our own thoughts can consume us with negativity,or we adapt the cynical opinions of others about ourselves. This can cause you to discourage yourself. Be honest you know who you are,what you can do and that you can succeed at whatever you put your mind,heart and soul to do.

4.) Meditation & Prayer
It’s important to focus and keep yourself centered around the positive. Meditate on things that are good, positive and encouraging . Pray spend time with God ask God questions, ask God for assistance and then sit and listen God will speak to you and give you the answers you need.

All four of these motivating points assisted me to move forward in my life. They are all imperative for a successful life. If I didn’t speak to myself and tell myself that I could go to college I wouldn’t have two degrees. If I allowed all the nay sayers to convince me that I couldn’t do certain things I wouldn’t have started this blog. I am very aware of my own capabilities and gifts, and I will continue to exercise them. Your own thoughts can get the best of you but we have to make sure its positive thoughts. Meditation & Prayers is the most important thing to keeping yourself centered and in a high mindset and full of positive energy. God is the source of all you need to succeed in life.